Snowmobile Course: becoming familiar with our means of transport

The scientists who go on the ice camp have been trained and initiated on how to drive snowmobile. Our team learned how to drive in different conditions and the instructors exposed them to realistic, yet difficult situations.  

During the course, the participants learned the laws about driving a snowmobile, and the code of ethics for trail riding. As well as learning about the mechanics of their snowmobiles, they received  some tips for driving in diverse and hard conditions: on the ice in the mountains or at night.

Ice camp 2016, means of transport 

During the ice camp 2016, we will travel by snowmobile to our fixed sampling site every 2‐3 days to collect data from sensors and bring water and ice samples back to the village for analyses. Following the same 30 km route to the camp on each trip, we will avoid all hunting and fishing areas identified by the local Hunters and Trappers Organization.  After ice breakup, we will travel by airboat.

Llúcia Ribot Lacosta