The team from the Takuvik Joint International Laboratory, through its Green Edge Project, is offering an educational program to help you better understand the impact of current environmental disturbances, caused by climate change and anthropogenic activity, on phytoplankton blooms and the food chain in the Arctic Ocean.

The educational website AOA  – Arctic Ocean is online!

The website, with educational web videos, is being developed in collaboration with creative professionals (Parafilms, KNGFU, Éclats de lumière and Criterium).

The site, in French and English, primarily intended for Francophone and Anglophone students from 11 to 15 years of age, will also be of interest to the general public. It will eventually consist of 12 modules whose themes are those developed under the Green Edge project. Each module consists of a videoexercises for classroom and / or at home, as well as a scenario in which the reader/viewer is at the centre of the action.

Each web video is associated with an educational module, developed by a team of secondary school teachers. During last year we released the following 3 themes:

AO Episode 01. Discover the Arctic Ocean

AO Episode 02. Impacts of climate change in the Arctic

AO Episode 03. The oceanic stratification

Over the next three years 9 other modules will be produced:

  • Arctic Marine Ecosystems
  • The spring bloom
  • Hunting, fishing and food Inuit at the margin of the ice
  • The satellites to observe the ocean
  • How to turn back time in the study of Arctic ecosystems?
  • Mathematical models of the ocean
  • Explore the Arctic Ocean with new technologies in situ
  • The biological pump
  • DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide)
Discover the educational website AOA  – Arctic Ocean

Julie SansouletLlúcia Ribot Lacosta


To understand the dynamics of the phytoplankton spring bloom and determine its role in the Arctic Ocean of tomorrow, including for human populations.