Icebreaker expedition 2016

In 2016, there will be simultaneous ship-based operations from the CCGS Amundsen. Measurements will be made at stations located along a quasi‐zonal transect at the latitude of the ice camp.

The research icebreaker will visit stations along the transect several times over the 6 week operational period (June 3  to July 15), traveling between the eastern limit of the ice-edge bloom, and the western limit of the under‐ice phytoplankton bloom (or within 50 km westward from the ice edge if there is no under‐ice bloom).

In the following picture you can see the CCGS Amundsen mission plan:

CCGS Amundsen mission plan.
CCGS Amundsen mission plan.

Discover the Research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen on the following website:
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Flavienne BruyantLlúcia Ribot Lacosta


To understand the dynamics of the phytoplankton spring bloom and determine its role in the Arctic Ocean of tomorrow, including for human populations.