Education: mutual exchange

Regarding the reciprocal contribution to the community, we encourage the Green Edge ice camp participants to attend activities at the school, in Qikiqtajuarq.

This can take form of participation in  classroom and field activities but also  implication at the gym, celebrations with kids in the community, complimenting a student for his scientific curiosity and involvement, and offering help when needed to support well-being of the young in the community.

The objectives of the educational program implemented in Qikiqtarjuaq, includes:

  • Ensuring that all children of the Inuksuit school are introduced to the Green Edge project;
  • Providing support for science teacher (Joe Rudar) and school principalr (Jacqueline Arsenault) and promoting learning in the classroom and on the ice, in all scientific fields surrounding Arctic oceanography;
  • Modernizing education and assisting in the co-construction of science education (researchers-local teachers-Inuit students).

Below, you will see the education plan for 2015. The 2016 program will arrive shortly.

Julie Sansoulet


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