Testing our new Airboat for the Ice Camp 2016

The Takuvik Team is getting ready for the 2016 ice camp, testing the new airboat that will be used during the ice breakup when the ice will be too inconsistent for travel by snowmobile.

The airboat is a mean of transport that allows traveling across all ice conditions, as well as crossing areas of open water, including areas which can not be reached traveling by snowmobiles or boats.

In order to test the airboat under ice conditions, our team took a test drive on the ice of Lac Piché. The test was partly successful: the airboat works well, is easy to drive and simple to use; but the accelerator froze up at high-speed, so we had to stop the trial.

Sylvain Blondeau transported the airboat back to the warehouse to fix the minor problems that were encountered. A second trial is scheduled before the ice melts in Quebec City.

As you can see below it is working well but needs some improvements:

Joannie Ferland, Llúcia Ribot Lacosta


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