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Time of change

I arrived at the ice camp three weeks ago and during that time many things changed: the nearby mountain tops lost the remainder of their snow cover, the sea ice’s snow vanished and melt ponds just appeared, there are many more birds and seals than there had been, the phytoplankton bloom started, … But to me the most prominent trace of change was the access to the “Polarhaven” tent at the ice camp, where I went for water sampling and CTD operations every other day.

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How to “QIK-up” a phytoplankton experiment on the ice

In order to see how phytoplankton cells (primary producers) could live in a changing environment with increasing irradiance and possible nutrient replenishment, we decided to investigate how both increasing factors could impact cell growth as well as their pigment and taxonomic composition, and production. In order to do this we set-up incubators on the ice… and here is how we did it: Continue reading How to “QIK-up” a phytoplankton experiment on the ice