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The multi-purpose Ice-T Buoy

Ice-T is a buoy used at the Ice Camp to measure the thickness of sea ice. Anchored in the pack ice, this device provides information on atmospheric pressure, air temperature, ice drift, horizontal current, temperature, salinity at the base of the ice in addition to thermal profiles of the ice and snow. These data are as accurate (or sometimes more) than those provided by the satellite-derived maps and are drawn up in real time.

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Pre-camp ice and snow thickness survey

“April 20, 2016

Yesterday, Jaypootie Moesesie (Qikiqtarjuaq, GreenEdge team member), Eric Brossier (Captain of the Vagabond / GreenEdge camp manager) and I returned from a four-day, pre-icecamp ice thickness survey of the fast ice southeast of Qikiqtarjuaq. The objective of the survey was to map the variability of sea ice in the region, and to identify regions of thin ice where strong ocean currents erode the ice from underneath. Those regions are important for the ice and water ecosystem because they open up early in the melt season. They also create slush which makes over-ice travel slower and less safe.

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Vagabond’s mission in past years

The polar yacht Vagabond, moored off the coast of Qikiqtarjuaq (Nunavut, Canada) has been collaborating with the Green Edge researchers since the very beginning of the project.  Éric Brossier, captain  of Vagabond, provides essential support for the Green Edge Project and is one of the pillars of the ice camp.

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