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Saco vazio não para em pé!

In Brazil, the country in which I was born, a popular proverb states “Saco vazio não para em pé!”, which means “an empty bag won’t stand”. It is widely use by parents to kids to illustrate the importance of a meal and usually a good meal. Chips and chocolates do not fill up the bag. Thousands of kms from Brazil, during the ice camp expedition, I had no problem to fill up “the bag” or “biddon” as we said many times at the camp…

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As the snow melts the dust shows through


Credit: Jean-Luc Baradat
SIKU Hotel

In the 10 days that I have been in the hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq, I have seen many changes. The snow is melting and the small stream that runs next to the ‘SIKU hotel’ base camp is flowing quite quickly. The young boys take immense pleasure in putting things into the water upstream near the school and running along the bank, chasing the items as they float through the culvert under the road and out the other side towards the bay. Yesterday, I saw the hood of a snowmobile pass by. I think that it is probably now wedged under the ice on the beach.

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