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Nunavut day in Qikiqtarjuaq


9th of July is the official Nunavut Day and we had the chance to enjoy the celebrations with the community. It all started with the feast in the schools’ gymnasium, for menu we could find seal, maktak (Narval skin), caribou, bannock and stews composed of the different types of meat with vegetables. Once everyone had eaten and the gymnasium cleaned the activities could start.

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The school-mediator logbook

Pascaline Bourgain will be in charge of the education and outreach issues onboard the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen, during the leg 1b (June 23 to July 14). She will ensure the link between the general public, young students and the expedition. She will particularly set up the interactive and multimedia project In the wake of an ice-breaker in the Arctic, associated to the AOA educative website. We invite you to follow her logbook !

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Saco vazio não para em pé!

In Brazil, the country in which I was born, a popular proverb states “Saco vazio não para em pé!”, which means “an empty bag won’t stand”. It is widely use by parents to kids to illustrate the importance of a meal and usually a good meal. Chips and chocolates do not fill up the bag. Thousands of kms from Brazil, during the ice camp expedition, I had no problem to fill up “the bag” or “biddon” as we said many times at the camp…

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